diameter for cartridge heater

Cartridge heater, compared with the double-head electric heating element, the cartridge heater is discharged from one end, can be either a lead wire with internal or external, which the customer can wire it himself. The cartridge heater is generally used for air-drying or heating the liquid, and the heating liquid can be screwed at the top of the cartridge heater to prevent movement. Air dry burning mainly refers to the heating of the mold, which can be directly inserted into the drilling hole of the mold. It can be a single straight rod, or it can be fixed at the outlet end with a fixed flange. According to the customer’s needs, choose a reasonable cartridge heater design.

It should be paid more attention to the matching of the diameter and the mold aperture. If the diameter of the cartridge heater is too big It will be hard to fill into the hole position, Moreover, the tubular expansion factor should take into consideration, which will lead to the inconvenience to the future maintenance; in addition, the pipe diameter should not be too small, and the room between the tubular and the wall of the hole cannot be much, which affects the heat transfer effect and service life of the cartridge heater. Therefore, the purchaser must pay attention to the size diameter when ordering the cartridge heater.

Panshine Heater can control the diameter tolerance within ±0.01mm to guarantee the excellent performance on the cartridge heater.

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