Drum Band Heater

drum band heater

drum band heater

thermostat controller for drum band heater

high quality thermostat for drum heater

Highlights of Drum Band Heater

  • The outstanding performance of drum band heater is based on its special construction and processing procedure.
  • It consists of many layers of silicone rubber sheets which are reinforced by fiberglass.
  • These silicone rubber sheets are bonded together by heat and pressure.
  • The electrical wire web or etched foil element is embedded within layers of silicone rubber sheets.
  • These silicone rubber sheets will be vulcanized to become more strong and flexible.
  • After all these processing procedure, the silicone drum heater is able to withstand industrial usage and resistant to most chemicals and moisture.
  • The silicone rubber drum heater with etched heating foil is recommended for high watt density usage.
  • Compared with electrical heating wire, the etched heating foil has a larger surface and shorter distance.
  • These features result in a higher heat transfer coefficient and more homogeneous heat distribution.


  • Rugged, simple and efficient
  • Constructed with wire-wound or etched foil elements
  • Flexible and Bendable to any surface and angles
  • Radiation resistant
  • High watt densities possible
  • Flame retardant and no-toxic


  • Drum heating
  • Freeze protection
  • Condensation prevention
  • Packing machine
  • Preheat molds for carbon fiber
  • Temperature maintenance

Technical Data

  • Working Voltage: 24V~250V AC/DC
  • Operating temperature: -50~500 (Celsius Degree)
  • Lead wire: Telflon (or others)
  • Thickness: 1~5mm (other thickness avaiable)
  • Watt Density: up to 80W/in2
  • Sensors: thermocouples, RTD, Thermistors, Thermostats
  • Dielectric strength: 12kV/mm