Drum Heater Bands

drum heater bands

drum heater bands

drum heater band

details of drum heater bands

Highlights of Drum Heater Bands

  • Drum heater bands has a specially designed construction which made for harsh industrial use.
  • The rust- and corrosion- resistant steel sheath casing gives a perfect combination of high thermal conductivity and physical strength to the heated cylindrical parts.
  • They can attain a maximum sheath temperature up to 910 F (510 C)
  • The mica layer is used to insulate the resistance ¬†windings.
  • The thickness of the mica layers is carefully designed to balance dielectric strength and thermal conductivity.
  • The resistance ribbon wire is wound evenly spaced on a mica core, providing uniform heat distribution and thus eliminating hot spot on the working surface.
  • Due to the use of mica, the mass of the heater is able to be kept to a minimum.
  • In order to maximum the heating surface to heated surface contact and improve the heat transfer performance, the external alloy sheath is used for the mica drum heater.
  • The external alloy sheath, which covering the entire width of the heater, is made of a lower thermal expansion alloy.
  • The different thermal expansion make the heater grip firmly when heated, which reduce the contact resistance and improve heat migration.
  • All these could result in a long heater life for drum heater bands.


  • Resistant of chemicals
  • Compatible with metal drum, poly drum or plastic drum
  • Direct bonding to surface be heated
  • Thermal stability
  • Fast heat up and quick cool down
  • Easy to clean


  • Barrel Heating
  • De-icing vending machines
  • Pre-heating
  • Hot process
  • Warming cabinet
  • Viscosity control