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Panshine's Timeline

Panshine Industry Co. Ltd was founded in 2002 with a small factory and only one product, silicone drum heater. With the rapid growth of our company, our product range expands to drum heater jacket, base drum heater and mica drum heater in 2004. Due to the support from our customers, we grow fast and build several more factories in 2004-2009. Finally, We are capable of providing a full line of electric heaters in 2009. Now we are diverse and flexible to satisfy our customer’s requirements. There are many reasons for our rapid growth in these years. The most important one is that our customers are growing with us. Growing with customers, that’s also a great achievement!

cold winter

Why we start our business from drum heater?

Twenty years ago, when I was a child, we lived in the North of China. It’s very cold in the winter. The average temperature was about 30 degrees below zero. My father was a heavy truck driver. He woke up early in the winter morning. His truck was very difficult to start due to the very low ambient temperature. The oil system was frozen. My father had to make a fire using woods to warm up the oil pipes. The heat could make the oil less viscous. In order to watch the fire, my father had to stand by the truck for half an hour. After about 30mins heating, my father was able to start the engine but his toes and fingers were frozen to numb. There were no anti-freezing solution at that time. Thus, using fire was almost the only way to start the engine in the cold winter. Once a time, the younger me asked my father “Dad, why not put some hot oil directly into your truck instead of heating it with fire?”. My father smiled and said “My son, how did you get the oil warming up”. The younger me did not know how to do it. When I grown up, I learned that there are many ways to heat the oil. The most efficient way is to use electricity. That’s why I start our business by manufacturing drum heater and barrel heater.

3D printer

Why 3D printer Heater ?

We live in a 3D world but we print things in a 2D method. It’s not cool. But everything changed after the 3D printer is invented. 3D printing is amazing because it is changing the way things are produced.3D printer has successfully in manufacturing foods, cars, house, engine cover, even a jet engine parts. Recently, Victoria’s secret model has been accessorized with wings and corset created by 3D printer. I believe that the whole industry will be totally different with the development of 3D printer. 3D printer is a revolutionary invention in our era, it will change our life like what steam engine has did to our world. That’s so fascinating, so I want to be part of the new industrial revolution by providing 3D printer heaters for the 3D printer companies all over the world.

panshine's origin

The origin of company name "PanShine"

“Pan” means climbing up to the top, a spirit of hard work and eager to be better in Chinese. “Shine” is from sunshine. The sun asks for nothing but benefits the world using sunshine. Panshine is the combination of the word “pan” and “shine”. The company is aiming to benefit the world by providing high quality electric heaters and the optimal heating solution. We have been focusing on lowering your carbon-footprint by using new technology and high efficient equipment since the company was established.

special offer for your business

Panshine's special offer to Boost your Business !!!

  • High quality: 0.05% error rate for the past 5 years
  • Delivery: 98.6% on-time shipping for the past 8 years
  • Cost effective price: Cut down your cost 60%~20%
  • Highly customized: 99% possibility to meet your demands. We are sorry it’s not 100%, but we never give up perfecting ourselves.
  • Skills and experience: More than 50 skilled engineers specialize in manufacturing and design electric heaters for 10 years. They are our company’s priceless treasure and they can be your strong backing!