Cast Heater

cast heaters

Cast Heaters

cast in aluminium platen

Cast in Aluminium Platen

cast in aluminum heater

Cast in aluminum Heater with fins

L shaped cast heater

L shaped cast heater

Highlights of Cast Heater

  • Cast heater are an essential product for heaing air, fluids and other components.
  • Formed tubular heaters or heating coil are casted into aluminum or bronze to create the cast in heaters.
  • Cast in heaters can also be sheathed in quartz, incoloy or inconel when used in food industry.
  • They are extensively used in food industry, plastic processing, semiconductor industry and medical equipment.
  • Due to their special construction, cast heaters are contamination-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Air/liquid cooling systems are utilized for the cooling of cast in heaters.
  • The cooling capabilities offer an efficient method of high accuracy temperature control.
  • The heaters can be casted into any shape and size to customer specifications.
  • The special construction and its features make this kind of heaters suitable for harsh environments with years of trouble-free service.


  • High watt densities
  • Air cooling or liquid cooling
  • Precise and accurate control of temperature
  • Uniform heat
  • Available with all standard terminations
  • Custom mounting options
  • Flexible electrical terminations


  • Plastic extrusion machine
  • Textile industry
  • Food service
  • Hot runner system
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Packaging
  • Die heaters
  • Commercial pre-heater
  • Extruder barrel

Technical Data

  • Working Voltage: 120~600V or custom
  • Wattage: up to 60W/in2
  • Maximum working temperature: Aluminum 700 F; Bronze 1400 F
  • Dimensions: almost all shapes and dimensions can be manufactured
  • Power tolerance: -5%~+5%
  • Dimension tolerance: <2%